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Your dog should have excellent recall before you let him off the lead so that you have control of your dog in public places.  It is not only dog aggression that can cause problems in public places. 

If your dog is deemed to be out of control you could find yourself in court or even worse, in prison.  In a recent court case a dog was playing with another dog in a public park and during the game it ran into a person and knocked them over causing injuries.  The owner was taken to court and ordered to pay compensation by the Judge who deemed the owner “was not able to demonstrate any control over their dog which basically ran around doing as it pleased and did not return to the owner when called”.

When teaching the recall, you really have to use your voice and make yourself exciting, so your dog will want to come away from exciting environmental distractions to you.

  • With your dog on lead and in a distraction free environment have the dog sat in front of you.

  • Give the dog a titbit and say the word “COME”.  He does not have to move at first as you are teaching him that the word “COME” means he will get a titbit if he is in the right place and paying attention to his owner.

  • Next, take a step away from the dog and encourage him to follow by holding out a titbit saying his name and the word “COME”.  This time give him two titbits because he made an effort to come towards you.

  • Next move further away, again encouraging the dog to follow by using his name and the word “COME” and, reward him with three titbits.

This exercise can be progressed by increasing the distance you are asking the dog to come from.

Remember to use your finishing command as soon as he comes to you and reward heavily with praise as well as titbits so once you move to practicing this exercise in a distracting environment your dog will always want to “COME” to you when you call him.

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